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[Webinar Recording] Consumer Trends Researchers Need to Know

View the recording to understand how to best engage with your consumers by knowing what devices they use, what media they consume, what data they will share, and exactly how they communicate.

When people participate in research, many things go into their decisions about what to share and the opinions they express, which are beyond the scope of the traditional survey dataset delivered to clients. Participants make early decisions about the trustworthiness of the company asking for their participation and continue to evaluate that trust with every question. They also consider their personal values, goals, fears, and perceptions of the world around them. To accurately measure people’s intentions, we must consider the environmental, societal, and psychological factors impacting them.

In their recent Global Trends Report, Dynata benchmarks global behaviors and sentiments that affect the statistics we tend to focus on. The report analyzes environmental aspects, such as people’s device and web behaviors, as well as media consumption. They focus on societal considerations, including trust and privacy, as well as psychological factors like economic and financial sentiment. These factors affect whether or not people will share data, and when they do, how they respond to brands and their products. This webinar highlights key findings from the report and provides you data to understand how to engage and interact with US and global consumers. 

Listen to the recording.  You will learn:

  • What’s the latest on mobile, wearables, and PC use?
  • What does today’s media diet look like in terms of television, radio, and digital content consumption?
  • What types of data are people willing to share, and what worries them?



Melanie Courtright, EVP Global Research Sciences & Data Strategy, Dynata

Melanie has spent nearly 25 years designing, executing, and interpreting research for agencies and corporations, and is an industry voice in market research for trends and the next generation of data collection. Known as an expert methodologist, she started her career at a full-service research firm in Dallas where she spent ten years developing her strong research background.

This content was originally published by Dynata (formerly Research Now SSI) . Visit their website at

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