[Webinar Recording] The Quality Imperative: Reliable Data Starts at the Source

View the recording to discover why data quality is imperative throughout the research process and at the outset.

To collect data to drive fundamental strategy and investment decisions in the right direction, quality is imperative throughout the research process but is imperative at the outset. The researcher, marketer, or data provider needs to focus on the keystone that leads to a quality outcome: the individuals who are providing the survey responses.

Melanie Courtright, EVP of Global Research Science, explains Research Now SSI’s approach to The Quality Imperative as redefining quality, being able to measure it, and holding ourselves accountable.

View the recording. You will learn:

  • How to obtain legitimate representation
  • Why scale and breadth matter from the very start of the research process
  • Why we need to think in terms of “value” not just cost


  Melanie Courtright, EVP, Global Research Science, Research Now SSI

Melanie has spent nearly 25 years designing, executing, and interpreting research for agencies and corporations, and is an industry voice in market research for trends and the next generation of data collection. Known as an expert methodologist, she started her career at a full-service research firm in Dallas where she spent ten years developing her strong research background. She then followed that with a decade specializing in all forms of digital research including online, mobile and social.  At Research Now SSI, Melanie has successfully developed and launched leading sampling platforms, routers, methodology best practices, panels and research products, and is now focused on the new data world that is revolutionizing market research.


This content was originally published by Research Now SSI . Visit their website at www.researchnow.com.

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Dynata (formerly Research Now SSI)

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