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If you’ve ever called a call center, you know how frustrating the experience can be: confusing automated answering systems, long hold times, unhelpful employees…our client, a leading manufacturer of diabetic products, is different. They care about the customer experience and understand that managing diabetes isn’t easy. They have high expectations for its call center and strive to be a resource that its customers can count on for answers to questions about how to use diabetic products, how to resolve product issues, and general questions about the disease itself. To ensure the highest customer satisfaction, our client knew they needed a tracking system: some way to evaluate what they were doing right, where they were going wrong, and how to improve. That’s where SMARI’s expertise in customer satisfaction research came in. Innovative

Tools used for this area of Applied Research:

- Text Analytics

- Key Driver Analytics

- Real-Time Reporting

- Continuous Loop Feedback 


Given the continuous nature of the research and need for quick action, SMARI recommended real-time tracking of customer sentiments. This design moved beyond the typical Key Pillars of Performance to really understand the emotion behind the call to guide training initiatives. SMARI delivered improvement strategies, providing “voice of the customer” input to serve as context for each negative call experience. This allowed the client team to take quick action and contact the customer with a solution in the event of these infrequent negative experiences. The tracking nature of the research allowed SMARI to evaluate our client’s customer satisfaction over time; this helped to spot trends, patterns, and shifts in customer satisfaction that informed actionable solutions. Results are reported in multiple formats to meet the dynamic needs of the corporation. SMARI used real-time reporting, monthly reporting, and quarterly reporting to help our client disseminate information to the right individuals at the right time in order to take action. Every quarter, SMARI meets with each unique division within the call center to review results and “workshop” new ideas, causality, and next steps. At the conclusion of each division meeting, results and key takeaways from these workshops are shared with leadership in a summary format.


Specific findings Uncovered:

• SMARI uses Text Analytics to gain a conceptual and thematic understanding of the customer experience beyond the typically surveyed questions used in most research.

• Key Driver Analysis allowed us to wade through a sea of variables and identify the most important factors that influence customer satisfaction scores. While e found that our client’s customers tend to be highly satisfied with their call center experiences and outcomes, the key driver analysis uncovered the most crucial opportunities for continuous improvement.

• Through the collection of real-time customer feedback, SMARI is able to alert the client about dissatisfied customers the moment we uncover negative feedback. Our client can then take action to address the problem quickly and efficiently, repairing customer relationships to prevent lasting damage.

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