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Market research consultants specializing in report writing. Select a consultant with a professional writing expertise for assignments such as market research reports, presentations and papers.

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We help market researchers and some of the world’s most innovative companies turn their insights into beautiful, impactful deliverables.

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W5 on Design Driven Deliverables


Making marketing research findings distinct and memorable can be a challenge. Results are typically presented as slides with bullet points, charts, and graphs?flattening findings into a one-size-fits-all format. Design Driven Deliverables are complements to traditional research reporting that add dimension to research findings through compelling display of visual and narrative formats. W5’s Design Driven Deliverables translate research findings for wider audiences, using audio, film, graphic design, installations, web design, and other media. The shift from “reporting” to “experiencing” enables findings to resonate in new ways and with new audiences. The result is more memorable, inspiring research.

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W5 Thought Piece - Meta Analysis


As business objectives evolve and new research initiatives become more pressing, little time is available for retrospection and collected data becomes inert. W5 offers a solution to this challenge by capitalizing on current resources and maximizing the impact of existing research through meta-analysis and re-reporting. Meta-Analysis uses previously developed marketing research to create a singular, custom report that clarifies insights and presents results in a compelling manner, giving research a new voice.

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