Developing a Marketing Strategy for an Exercise Franchise


A chain of health clubs in the United States with over 100 locations in 14 states approached Provoke Insights to consult on the brand’s marketing strategy.

The gym’s previous advertising campaign solely focused on a price play, leaving little to no differentiation between the brand and its competitors; Planet Fitness, Blink, and Crunch. As a result, the health club commissioned an advertising agency to create a new 360-degree marketing campaign; the goal was to increase awareness and build value as well as differentiation. The agency wanted to move beyond price and make distinctions that would allow it to stand out in the saturated fitness market. However, moving beyond a price play proved difficult as several stakeholders within the company were not aligned regarding other brand differentiators. There were several stakeholders with contrasting views, and the advertising agency had difficulty getting them into the same room. Garnering a consensus among them proved to be a challenging, but critical task. The agency on-boarded Provoke Insights to collaborate and aid in aligning the stakeholders and overall brand value.


In preparation for this undertaking, Provoke Insights created a creative brief workshop based off previous discussions and data provided by the client. This was the basis for a half-day strategy brainstorming session led by an experienced moderator. The meeting included discussions, branding exercises, a review of the research, and feedback from the fitness club and the ad agency.


This session allowed the different parties at the company to come up with a clear strategy that every group was aligned on. The health club chain was able to understand direct competitors’ strategies that they could counter, and highlighted other brands that they should aspire to be like. The company was able to understand its strengths that it could lean on as a brand.

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