Esurance Transforms Website Checkout Process with InterQ's UX Testing


Esurance is the leading U.S. online insurance company, specializing in auto, home, and renters' insurance. The company has taken its state-of-the-art technology and transformed how people shop and manage their insurance policies.

In line with being a disruptor in online insurance, the Esurance team is constantly iterating and improving the online user experience. Recently, the team wanted to explore a new checkout process and ensure that the interface would offer a seamless process. They knew that a simple survey wouldn't solve the problem; they needed detailed feedback to help them decide on the interface design to use before they could deploy.




The Esurance team contacted InterQ to capture customer feedback and help them land on the optimal user interface. InterQ developed a multi-part survey, which incorporated various design options. The survey consisted of open-ended and close-ended questions, and it offered interactive design options for users to try out before selecting their preferred design choice. 

InterQ assembled a panel of 2,000 users, deployed the survey, and within 4 days had complete results read for the Esurance team.


InterQ's interactive survey panel gave the Esurance team a wealth of insights -- both from a design and customer preference standpoint. They were able to use the data to optimize the UI and streamline the checkout process, aligining the feedback with an optimal customer experience.

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