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Market Research to Gain New Customers

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Headquartered in Silicon Valley, InterQ delivers innovative market research for the tech industry, including qualitative, quantitative, and UX.

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RTi Research
RTi Research

Full service Top 50 MR agency with 30+ yr proven track record of combining the best of boutique thinking & service w/ large multinational capabilities

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Brandtrust is a research and strategy firm that utilizes applied social and behavioral sciences to solve complex business challenges.

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We are a research driven strategy firm specializing in brand planning, customer experience, and strategic planning and innovation.

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GfK is the trusted source of relevant market and consumer information that enables its clients to make smarter decisions.

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5 Must-Dos to Get the Most Out of Customer Segmentation Research

Rockbridge Associates

Customer segmentation studies provide a great deal of strategic value, but that value often goes unrealized because organizations struggle to implement them effectively. Learn the top 5 must-dos to ensure your segmentation study is actionable and allows marketing and product teams to quickly make impactful decisions.

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Gongos, Inc.

The idea of putting the customer first has been with us for decades, but how many companies truly live up to this? High-performing organizations know that to transform customer-centricity from a buzz-word to a strategy, they must leverage the three C’s to grow their decision intelligence.

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Start-ups: Why & When to do Market Research Start-ups: Why & When to do Market Research

iResearch Services Pvt. Ltd.

In fact, Market Research is that business tool that provides a clear picture about what is actually available in the market and what the business plans to launch to fill the gap.

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