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Investigation of Manufacturing a Competitive Drug in China

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A healthcare company in the US heard rumors that a firm in China was producing a competitive drug  SIS was asked to survey the plant, analyze the number of employees, determine what was being produced at the plant and to estimate production capacity and sales strategies.


SIS sent a team of four (4) Competitive Intelligence researchers to survey the plant (e.g. parking lot, number of employees, traffic patterns, etc.).  Research methodology included phone calls to sales and marketing staff. In addition, we conducted in-depth interviews in the local communities. 


The following key findings were discovered by SIS: 

  • SIS confirmed that the plant was, indeed, producing this drug and had significant production capacity; in addition, the plant maintained a large group of employees and employees
  • We found out several key elements of their marketing and sales strategies
  • The best intelligence came from the local community

Following the intelligence we delivered, this US firm decided to increase their presence in China and in the Asian region. Additionally, the firm increased production and marketing programs to this new competitor.

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SIS International Research

SIS International Research

New York, New York, United States of America
Telephone: (212) 505-6805
About SIS International Research: SIS International Research, founded in 1984, is a leading full-service Market Research and Market Intelligence firm.

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