Invoke Helps Launch the NFL and Bud Light’s “Superstitions” Television campaign


As a major sponsor of the National Football League (NFL), Anheuser-Busch needed to leverage this relationship to better reach football fans and create a relevant and persuasive campaign. Specifically, Anheuser-Busch wanted to test and gather feedback from consumers on potential television advertisements, as part of Bud Light’s “Superstitions” campaign focused on fans’ game-day superstitions.


Anheuser-Busch used Invoke’s platform to speak to 100+ NFL-enthusiasts who drink premium beer. During an online Large Scale Focus Group™ session, these consumers were exposed to 6 different ads and asked closed and open ended questions probing on key metrics such as likeability, purchase intent, relevance, impact on desire, ranking etc.

During the live session, an Invoke researcher joined Anheuser-Busch on site to walk the team through the results and uncover insights in real-time. That night the team had automated reports, key takeaways from the session and access to Invoke’s back-end Analytics dashboard. A week later the team had a final Insights Report based on a deeper dive, coupled with key insights and recommendations.


The Invoke LIVE research event illuminated the key takeaway that beer drinkers respond more favorably when superstitions they themselves might follow are used.

Anheuser-Busch was also able to immediately rule-out one of the ads tested because it lacked the key element of “realness,” and it created negativity among consumers.  The insights generated from the Invoke session also helped Anheuser-Busch optimize an ad that featured a superstitious fan who visited the bathroom in order to help his favorite team win.  The result was a creative spot that was less polarizing.  In the end, an ad in which the protagonist stayed in the basement (rather than the bathroom), eventually became the storyline for the well-received on-air advertisement.

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