Isagenix Places Customer Insight First


Founded in 2002, Isagenix is a multinational direct sales company that manufactures and distributes a range of science-based health and wellbeing products. The company seeks to inspire and empower Customers to live their best life through a journey of nutrition, health, and overall wellness.

As a direct-selling company, staying in tune with the needs of both Customers and sales associates is vital to the continued success of Isagenix. The IsaInsights panel has, for a number of years, been an important factor that has helped Isagenix remain aligned with their Customers.

However, in 2017, Isagenix sought a new research and technology partner who could host and manage the IsaInsights panel in a way that supported the brand’s global ambitions. Specifically, Isagenix required greater control of the platform and flexibility of service in order to place Customer insight at the heart of an even greater number of business decisions.

Crucially, the company sought a flexible platform that could enable the inhouse team to conduct more research and a partner who could extend and enhance the capabilities of that team during periods of high demand.


Isagenix commissioned FlexMR to build a new IsaInsights panel on the InsightHub platform. This iteration included a range of qualitative and quantitative research tools. In addition, FlexMR has provided management and insight delivery services.

The flexible nature of this relationship has allowed Isagenix to easily conduct agile, survey-based research in-house whilst utilising the experienced FlexMR team to support both the health of the panel and qualitative tasks. This has helped enable Isagenix to fulfill their commitment by putting Customer voices at the heart of every decision.

“The flexible service gives us the option to easily programme our own surveys for times we need quick insight. We still rely on the FlexMR research team to provide deeper insights for qualitative projects.” - Jeff Kaufman, Director of Customer and Field Insights

With access to a diverse range of tools, Isagenix has been able to combine the advantages of qualitative and quantitative data, allowing the research team to delve into the deeper reasoning behind the responses platform members provided. Focus group tools Live ChatMR and Question BoardMR have allowed Isagenix to interact with Customers directly, asking questions centred on new product ideas and how to best help distributors become more effective in presenting and selling existing products.

‘‘The FlexMR team is always accessible and very responsive despite the time differences. They are always available to provide assistance with our larger-scale projects.” - Jeff Kaufman, Director of Customer and Field Insights

Isagenix participants have always been ready to provide detailed insight when needed. The online qualitative tools, SmartboardMR, ScrapbookMR, DiaryMR, and ForumMR, gave Isagenix firsthand insight into their Customer’s daily lives. This has helped the company learn more about the habits of their existing Customers and find gaps in the market for potential new product development.


“Integrating VoC is vital to making smarter decisions. FlexMR has provided the tools that allow us to make the best decisions for our customers.” - Jeff Kaufman, Director of Customer and Field Insights

Informed by insight from the panel, Isagenix took the decision to release a new line of essential oils in August 2018. Named Essence, this new line was designed and developed in accordance with the consumer insight provided from a number of successive research projects. Isagenix has also explored other product development opportunities by recording Customer habits and sharing the findings with the IsaInsights panel.

As Isagenix continues to grow, IsaInsights - built on the FlexMR InsightHub platform - will continue to inform strategic decisions.

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