Market Research Study to Increase Sales in Paperboard & Packaging


  • In 2014, SIS conducted a study for a leading brand (“client”) in the packaging and paperboard industry
  • Coping with a sales problem of not being able to bring in larger clients, the client hired SIS to seek a better understanding of the factors that influence packaging/paperboard material decisions for major FMCG food brands in order to increase marketing effectiveness
  • Furthermore, the client was looking to identify companies’ sustainability goals with regard to packaging 


  • SIS was commissioned to conduct market intelligence to determine the clients’ decision making process
  • Interviews of  20-30 minutes were scheduled and completed with over N=100 engineers and packaging decision makers at FMCG firms (equally divided between small and large firms)
  • Previous to the interviews, SIS conducted desk research to identify companies’ sustainability goals with regard to packaging and provide an overview of existing data regarding FMCG brands’ decision making process


  • SIS research discovered a significant difference in the decision making process for packaging materials between small FMCG firms and large firms: at 75% of the smaller firms it was the executive management who made the final decision, whereas at only 13% of bigger firms the decision was made by this group
  • Packaging quality was found to be the most important driver of packaging decision, whereas sustainability issues were of secondary importance
  • The client has currently launched a marketing program and was tracking the results in 2015

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