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Medical devices: How to defend margins in shrinking markets


The budgetary crisis of 2011 resulted in a very price sensitive environment in W-Europe. The main outcome was reduced brand loyalty and price driven decisions. the decreasing top and bottom lines confront the industry with serious challenges. TforG assists its customers to deal with the new situation.


  • Define the marketing message and measure how perceptions shift among key decision makers.
  • Understand shifts in perception and what causes them.
  • Compare therapy positioning.
  • Measure adoption status.
  • Define targeted competitive campaigns where necessary.


  • Brand and device(s) awareness (desired brand equiry scorecard)
  • Usage of device(s)
  • Patient groups / Customer requirements
  • Top key barriers
  • Top attributes ranked by importance
  • Attributes perceptions scorecard (value gap analysis)
  • All compared with competition

Company profile

TforG Group

TforG Group

Antwerp, Belgium
Telephone: +32 (03) 201 64 00
About TforG Group: Understanding of how the healthcare system works, how healthcare is provided, the decision making process and the factors that affect the market.