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Medical devices: Measure brand performance


Product innovation and outstanding service are replaced by good-enough and price. TforG has developed various toolsets to measure the value and sustainability of the product positioning for the respective groups of stakeholders.


  • Validate and assess the value proposition and pricing strategy for products and devices.
  • Understand current perceptions of existing competitor products in the market.
  • Evaluate new features and the perceived value of the differentiators.
  • Evaluate the outcomes expected from incorporating the differentiating features.
  • Identify the key drivers of brand selection and key selling points.
  • Determine the price sensitivity of the key differentiators.


  • Strategic Positioning Chart
  • POPE Analysis
  • Decision Making Unit
  • Accessible Market – Price Sensitivity Modeling

Company profile

TforG Group

TforG Group

Antwerp, Belgium
Telephone: +32 (03) 201 64 00
About TforG Group: Understanding of how the healthcare system works, how healthcare is provided, the decision making process and the factors that affect the market.