Medtech & Pharma: Growth opportunities in mature markets


Product innovation and outstanding service are replaced by good-enough and price. TforG has developed various toolsets to measure the value and sustainability of the product positioning for the respective groups of stakeholders.


For specific diseases a client wants to understand the full patient care continuum and understand which patient populations would be eligible for their specific therapy by building a patient flow showing:

  • where the patient is in each step of the flow
  • how the patient is moving through the continuum of care
  • what is the kind of therapy given in each step of this patient flow and why was it the preferred therapy


Layer 1: Care track & statistics

  • From symptom to follow-up, Description of each treatment and diagnosis step, Incidence & prevalence, Population

Layer 2: Locator

  • Department, Care provider, Equipment/devices

Layer 3: Decision points

  • Drivers, Decision Making Unit, Consequences & outcomes

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