New Product Concept Development for Automotive Brand


  • In 2014, SIS conducted a study for Hyundai on its new voice user interface technology inside its new a premium luxury brand in the US
  • The client was looking for a better understanding of the US consumer in order to improve this technology to ultimately gain a competitive edge over competitor models


  • SIS was commissioned to conduct a new product / concept development study to improve this technology by understanding how consumers interact with the voice user interface and mobile technology
  • Dynamic and static driving tests were set up in San Francisco and Chicago among owners of luxury vehicles
  • Using a qualitative and quantitative questionnaire, our interviewers conducted 3 hour surveys focused on factors influencing the decision to purchase and for determining performance of the voice user interface and the vehicle itself
  • Also, the study involved eye tracking technology to see how respondents interacted with the system while driving


  • The study uncovered insights for promoting the vehicle in messaging campaigns
  • Furthermore, a better understanding was gained of how the vehicle performed versus other competing cars in the category
  • All findings and results were taken by the client and used to make changes for its next new car model

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