Real-Time Truth for Consumer Insights


Traditional qualitative market research is often too time-consuming and expensive to be used as a scalable method for ad testing and product innovation for global brands. In order to better serve their consumer client brands, MetrixLab needed an innovative, cost-effective and quick solution that could be implemented efficiently on a global level – no small task.


MetrixLab developed a new and innovative qualitative research solution by combining their expertise in advertising, packaging design and product innovation with Remesh’s platform. The agile, AI-powered platform replaced slower and more expensive qualitative research methods, including the traditional focus group. With this new solution, MetrixLab can help their global consumer brand clients quickly and easily engage consumers in the early stages of their creative process. MetrixLab was able to reach their clients’ consumers all around the world, and in their native language, on a much larger scale.


By incorporating Remesh into their solution, MetrixLab was able to streamline the research process for their clients. MetrixLab conducted qualitative research worldwide without physical presence, greatly reducing recruitment, setup and travel costs. Using Remesh, MetrixLab captured cleaner gut reactions from respondents at a scale not possible with other qualitative tools and methods. This enabled them to confidently provide actionable insights to their global clients, growing their clients’ trust in their expertise, and ensuring continued business.

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