We’re an award winning consumer insight consultancy, driving positive organizational change by leveraging consumer inspired solutions.



We’re an award winning consumer insight consultancy, with an expansive global footprint. We drive positive organizational change by leveraging consumer inspired solutions. We accomplish this by working collaboratively with our clients to join the dots between their business needs, the best primary research approaches and our in-depth understanding of the market.

We believe strongly in putting consumers at the center of our thinking, leveraging a framework informed by consumer psychology, behavioral economics and semiotics. Our consumer-centered research philosophy and award-winning suite of tools enables us to have better conversations with consumers and co-create more successful activations. With over twenty years of expertise and a passion for continuous innovation, we are well positioned to support our clients solve their business challenges.

With an eye on driving impact, we focus on distilling actionable insights with our clients’ strategic goals constantly top of mind. Our Visual Communication team also ensures that we check the box on creating digestible, highly impactful, easily sharable deliverables.

If you are eager to find out more about how Join the Dots can support your organization or what our current partners have to say about our work, visit jointhedotsmr.com. If you have questions about our offer or would like a quote, please contact Mallory at, Mallory.Salerno@jointhedotsmr.com.

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