Our trademark is "Your Focus Group is Only as Good as your Recruit." Find out why our clients schedule Columbus as often as possible!


We are a locally owned and operated Woman Owned business. Because we live, and work and shop here we know the area, and the people. Lakamo is a boutique recruiting company which specializes in the metropolitan Columbus, OH market. We believe your research hinges on a successful recruit and will take any means necessary to find fresh, articulate, interesting individuals to participate in your research. We are small by choice, believe this allows us to provide you with very personal service. -We are unique because we do not take a call center approach - every recruiter is well paid to THINK about who we are recruiting, and to take ownership of their project. -We give you personal attention and if you so desire will give feedback on trends we reveal during the course of recruiting. We have a unique staff that will part of your team for the duration of the recruit. -We provide surprising benefits that others do not think or care about, such as replacing participants who must cancel their session, at no cost to the client. -We are excellent at what we do and because of this, we have many partnerships in central Ohio.

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