Telephone and Online Data Collection—with business leaders, consumers, voters, and the general population—for your quantitative research needs.


VuPoint Research helps you get the information and data you need to make sound business, organizational, and professional decisions. We conduct approximately 180,000 hours of telephone interviews each year with business leaders, consumers, voters, and the general population. When the Internet is the right way to go, we program and host online studies. We understand the impact that evolving technologies have on opinion research—we’ve been evolving and adapting to change, and meeting our clients’ needs, since 1994. +++++ Whether collecting data, establishing representative quotas, or developing effective sampling plans, we get it right. “Good” is never good enough. We regularly assess our internal processes, so we can provide you with the most value for your research dollar. +++++ We provide field services and data collection solutions for your quantitative research needs. SERVICES INCLUDE: survey programming – phone & online surveys/polls – mail questionnaires/surveys – CATI programming and interviewing – recruiting – coding – tabulation – data entry. +++++ VuPoint serves a wide range of INDUSTRIES, AUDIENCES, and MARKETS: consumer & B2B, high-tech | computer hardware & software | information technology (IT) | video games/gaming | energy & utilities | telecom | media |radio & television | legal | healthcare & medical | automotive | marketing & advertising | CPG/product & packaging | retail & shopper | Asian & Hispanic/Latino Americans | multiple languages | public opinion & political polling | more. +++++ Our people make us great—we’ve learned how to hire, identify, and develop top talent. We keep an eye on trends and adapt our approach. We anticipate challenges and act before they become problems, providing our clients with the timely and accurate data they require. Contact us today and let us show what we can do for you.

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