Complex Behavioral Recruitment for Shopper Study in New Zealand


Liveminds recently used Behavioral Recruitment to successfully find research participants for New Zealand based strategic insights agency The Thinking Studio. The agency wanted to conduct research into food shopping experiences in Auckland, New Zealand, and needed to find people across different life stages to track their food shopping behavior. Behavioral Recruitment ensured participants were found based on very detailed insights on their real interests and behaviors, rather than relying on reported data.


Who were the participants?

The Thinking Studio needed men and women who did the majority of the food shopping for their household, were evenly spread across specific suburbs of Auckland and matched six profiles:

  • University students
  • Young single people or working couples
  • Young families
  • Older families
  • Empty nesters
  • People with an ethnic background

What did the project involve?

The participants were asked to answer questions, post pictures and share experiences in videos every day for a week, providing valuable insight into their food buying habits, experiences and feelings. The twelve people who made the best contributions were selected to take part in in-depth interviews.


This project was a complex recruit in a short time but, using Behavioral Recruitment, Liveminds was easily able to find, recruit and screen over 40 participants for the project

"This was a hard recruit in a short time frame; Liveminds did a great job. They were easy to work with, responsive (even with a 12-hour time zone difference) and delivered articulate, dedicated participants, meaning we could just focus on understanding shopper behavior and delivering quality insight."

Kathryn Topp Founder and Director, The Thinking Studio

All participants were articulate and fully engaged with the project each day, meaning The Thinking Studio could deliver a high level of insight and understanding for their end client. The results of the project have already been used extensively throughout the client’s business and the project delivered well beyond the original brief.

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