Curing Children’s Aversion to Medicine


How does a company producing over-the-counter cold and cough medicines for kids, improve the quality of taste and increase the appeal?


The research team decided to talk to parents and kids together in an online in-depth dual interview, to talk about which medicines are yucky and which ones are yummy, and why. Civicom provided the online platform and support to conduct and record each webcam interview, using CyberFacility. As each interview completed, Civicom seamlessly loaded the recordings into Glide Central, allowing the research team to identify key trends among the interviews and create video clips of parents and kids expressing these key insights. With the collaboration and ease of use of Glide Central, the research team created a dynamic and thorough report of their findings ahead of their client deadline.


The client was able to implement new flavors and packaging based on the feedback from the kids and parents alike.

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