Cyphort Refines Cybersecurity Software Using Input from Focus Groups


Cyphort, a leading cybersecurity software provider, needed to understand how cybersecurity professionals use their SIEM systems (Security Information and Event Management). The company wanted to explore perceptions of security analytics capabilities and understand gaps in the current technology landscape. The project was undertaken to help Cyphort further refine and develop their product, with the end goal to help them be more competitive against a stacked landscape.



InterQ was hired to give Cyphort insights into how cybersecurity professionals use their SIEM systems, and to understand what is missing and what threats keep them up at night. InterQ worked closely with the Cyphort team, immersing ourselves in their complex business. We recruited B2B cybersecurity upper-level managers in 3 key markets across the U.S., and conducted a series of focus groups. Following the focus groups, we assembled a comprehensive report with our findings, insights, and recommendations.


The Cyphort team used the focus group findings to improve their product. The results were so impactful, that they helped guide the sale of Cyphort to Juniper Networks. 

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