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Medical devices: A new value proposition for mature markets


Creating differentiators in a market where the stakeholders and decision criteria have changed and the old rules don’t apply anymore. Traditional decision criteria shift down the priority lists. Professional procurement, economic buyers, health insurers take the front seats in the decision process. TforG invests heavily in networking with the new decision makers and in understanding their needs.



  • Segmentation of the different non-clinical stakeholders in the European market
  • Providing a clear understanding of the decision making process and drivers
  • Understanding the importance of specific value drivers and benchmark them against competitors
  • Defining cost effectiveness, economic value, service delivery, amongst others…



  • Deep understanding of Economic value and Value added services
  • Weighting the importance of each stakeholder in the decision process as well as future shifts
  • Understanding reasons to switch and attributes for which they are willing to pay more


Company profile

TforG Group

TforG Group

Antwerp, Belgium
Telephone: +32 (03) 201 64 00
About TforG Group: Understanding of how the healthcare system works, how healthcare is provided, the decision making process and the factors that affect the market.