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Restaurant Video Shopping

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The scenario
Imagine you’re a restaurant executive, and you’re tasked with setting a new standard for customer service across your locations. Your team develops extensive training for hosting and serving that is implemented around the country. Thanks to your efforts, staff will now train with a sample script and procedural guidebook to keep brand consistency and industry best practices. It’s been a year-long reorganization, and you’re proud of the work you’ve done to release these new materials. Time for some vacation...right?

The problem
Unfortunately, despite your best efforts and most thorough documentation, your work could be inconsequential. At worst, the strategy could miss the mark. More commonly, it’s right on track, but the training might not “stick,” or locations may not embrace the new standards. Herein lies the problem with many corporate programs: a lack of measurement or accountability.


Hidden video mystery shopping measures customer experience in a way only a customer can. To measure the effectiveness of your training program, you should employ video shoppers to select locations. These shoppers will discreetly record their experiences for your review. Catch the host’s greeting, the server’s word choice, and the manager’s regular check-ins with customers. You won’t be relying on a secondhand account--you’ll be living the experience through the eyes of the customer.


Consistent feedback of real and actual results to the staff will improve everyone's performance and overall working experience.

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Shoppers' View

Shoppers' View

Ada, Michigan, United States of America
Telephone: 6164470097
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