Affectiva's Emotion AI helps businesses understand how their customers and consumers feel when they can’t or won’t say so.


Affectiva is humanizing technology, building a world where technology understands people the way we understand one another. An MIT Media Lab spin-off, Affectiva created and defined the Emotion AI category. Affectiva's media analytics solution, also know as facial coding, detects nuanced human emotions, complex cognitive states, activities, interactions and objects people use. Built on deep learning, computer vision and speech science, Affectiva's AI is fueled by massive amounts of real-world data: more than 8.7 million face videos analyzed from 87 countries. In media analytics Affectiva’s AI is used by more than 1.400 brands and 25 percent of the Fortune Global 500 companies to test consumer engagement with ads, videos and TV programming. Affectiva helps businesses forge better relationships with their customers, consumers and stakeholders, by building in more emotional intelligence to their dealings with people. Using Affectiva business can understand how their customers and consumers feel when they can’t or won’t say so. We are a technology provider to the marketing and content industry. Our AI is a critical component of your research methodology and easy to deploy. We enable brands and advertisers to: - Measure emotions and responses in the moment - Identify trigger events that drive emotional response and behavior - Understand responses to socially sensitive issues and topics

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