Business to Business (B2B) Market Research in Germany: Focus industries Automotive, Machinery, Medical Technology, Energy and Electronics.


Overview: Business to Business (B2B) Market Research Germany: MEYER INDUSTRY RESEARCH, located in Munich, is focused on individual B2B market research and analysis in Germany. Since founding the company in 2007, managing owner Matthias Meyer and his team have successfully conducted more than 300 B2B market research projects in Germany. Focus industries: We perform B2B market research in Germany in our focus industries Automotive, Machinery, Medical Technology, Energy and Electronics. Many market analysis projects are focused on market niches and innovative technology markets. Typical project backgrounds include market entry, competitive analysis as well as M&A and partnering strategies for the German market. Customers: Our customers are medium sized and large manufacturers, suppliers and service companies in our focus industries. Additionally we support M&A advisories, family offices and investment companies in analysing market opportunities in the German B2B and industrial market. Methodology and capabilities: To gather the relevant data for your B2B market research project, we use our extensive access to all relevant secondary and desk sources in Germany, including dozens of databases in our focus industries. Additionally, we can offer you a well established network of market experts in our focus industries. We make use of this network for the quick setup of expert interviews with potential customers, market partners and market experts. Combining relevant secondary data with expert views on the market in Germany, our team provides you with a full package of market entry analysis and individual B2B market research in Germany.

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