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Environment & Sustainability

Companies that offer market research services related to environmental and sustainability issues. Review and compare vendors able to conduct a research project associated with environment, environmental issues, environmental conditions, etc.

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Cost, Leadtime and Sustainability of Face-to-Face and Internet Focus Groups


The traditional approach to focus groups involves recruiting participants in locations representative of the target market, hiring facilities in each location, and traveling to each location to interview the participants. The alternative Internet approach, on the other hand, uses either instant messaging or a bulletin board to interview the participants. This article will compare and contrast these two methods from a cost, leadtime and environmental sustainability standpoint.

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Green AMPlified: Redefining business as usual

AMP Agency

Are we “Green”? Should we be “Greener”? What is “Green”, anyway? As an agency, we hear all sorts of questions about the Green Movement, from the brands we work with and the consumers we talk to. So we started digging for answers. We asked consumers what they look for from companies, as well as themselves, as they strive to be more environmentally friendly. What we unearthed is a solid understanding of Green, what it is and where it’s going. How this information translates to your business is as exciting as it is essential.

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Top Green Trends for 2010 Top Green Trends for 2010


This article describes four main themes that green marketers should use as guiding principles during this period of economic recovery.

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Global Environmental Concerns Growing Global Environmental Concerns Growing

Tim Kenyon, GfK Roper Consulting

GfK Roper Consulting announced highlights from its global and U.S. environmental studies ahead of the company’s 2008 Green Gauge report. The findings reveal that concerns over pollution and climate change are rising worldwide and people are looking first to their national governments to take the lead in eco-responsibility.

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CMIGreen Traveler Study CMIGreen Traveler Study

Community Marketing, Inc.

Rising public awareness of sustainability issues and understanding consumer preferences and behaviors presents new opportunities for the tourism and hospitality industries. The fundamental question today is not “whether” sustainability will influence consumer choice and your bottom line, but “how.” The CMIGreen Traveler Study is designed to provide insights on understanding and leveraging the opportunities of the sustainable travel marketplace.

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