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Dialysis Training

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A device manufacturer that creates products for home dialysis wanted to better understand how to make and promote training materials that assist in not only educating the customer, but also the healthcare professional. The device manufacture sponsoring this research wished to specifically understand:

- Expectations and perceptions of current home dialysis training materials

- Shortcomings of existing materials and unmet needs

- Preferred media for training materials

- Determine ongoing support needs of patients once they begin home dialysis

- Test preliminary concepts under development


A multi-step research process was conducted to assess the perceptions of three different audience types to include: • Clinical educators • Healthcare Professionals • Dialysis patients To understand the individual journeys through training and usage, in-depth, exploratory interviews were conducted among each audience type. To follow, online focus groups were conducted among each group to test concept ideas. Focus groups prove optimal for idea generation and refinement as the “group think” works to the advantage of progressing ideas. To conclude the research, a brief survey was conducted among patients to provide statistically valid insight around usage indications and satisfaction. 


As a result of this research, the manufacturer was able to walk away with an understanding of how best to develop training materials so as to increase customer satisfaction and enhance partnerships with healthcare professionals. Specific findings include:

• The degree of information that should be provided at each stage of the journey

• How best to present information

• How best to allow HCPs and educators to incorporate information and input

• Best means to train so as to mimic a hands-on experience

• What stages in the learning process patients feel most vulnerable and what information is needed.

• How to foster collaboration and exchanges between educators and HCPs

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