Healthcare and IT Market Landscape Study


The client is a vendor of IT hardware and software solutions that wanted to extend their core competencies into the Clinical Mobility part of the Healthcare market. SIS International Research was engaged to help them understand the market landscape, and help them put together a go-to-market strategy. To meet the client’s goals, SIS had to size and to map the market landscape potential by healthcare segment, use case and geography, as well as identify key competitors.


Phase I: Secondary Research

To gain a better understanding of the marketplace, SIS leveraged market intelligence materials and documents to help gain an initial impression of the market, and an idea of the variables that would comprise the market forecast. The secondary research also included competitive Intelligence:  Key competitors were identified by healthcare segment, use case and geography, and assessed on the following variables:

  • Level of performance
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Business Model
  • Product portfolio strategy

Phase II: Qualitative Research – Telephone In-depth Interviews

SIS recruited a mix of 20 CIO’s and other senior executives (Presidents, CEO’s and CIO’s) representing hospital networks in the United States and Great Britain to understand their respective marketplaces in greater depth. Some of the questions explored were:

  • Why do customers buy what they buy?  What influences their decisions?
  • How / for what do they use their mobile devices currently?  How would they like to use them?
  • What can suppliers of clinical mobility devices do to make their jobs more efficient?
  • What is the desired mix in a preferred healthcare solutions package between solution suite and point products?
  • Which competitors do they value most and why?
  • Are there new channels / channel partners that customers would value in the purchasing process?

Phase III: Quantitative Research – Web-based Surveys

Finally, 600 healthcare executives across the US and the UK responsible for purchasing IT solutions for their healthcare networks were surveyed online as to their level of spending on IT in total, and more specifically, their level of spending on mobility solutions.

Statistical analysis of the results was then fed into a model that generated the forecast for the total mobility solutions market for the US and the UK healthcare markets, respectively. The forecast model also allowed the market to be broken out by use case, with projections for two and five years.


The client is engaging SIS to expand into other countries.

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