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New Product Development

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The purpose of this research was to test a new type of catheter among nephrologists and interventional radiologists prior to launch to determine the best means to message and target the product. The device manufacturer sponsoring this research wished to specifically understand:

- The primary decision maker responsible for making the decision as to which type of catheters to use

- Key drivers behind choice and preference of catheter type - Determine best means to package the proposed catheter

- Explore difficulties associated with catheter placement


Given the intimacy in which the product manufacturer needed to understand the usage of the device, focus group discussions were used to foster in-depth discussions. Three focus group discussions were conducted online as opposed to in-person given the unique dynamics of physician research. Often times, the roles, tenure, and expertise of certain physicians makes in-person discussions a difficult environment as some physicians with less expertise are more hesitant to speak freely. Online focus groups foster an open environment eliminating the inhibitions to speak freely. Online discussions allow for a greater reach by recruiting participants from larger regions as opposed to regions within a 30 minute drive time to a research facility. Participants all agreed to a non-disclosure agreement and were recruited in a blind fashion so as not to know the sponsor of the research. 


As a result of this research, the manufacturer was able to walk away with an understanding of how the product may perform as well as how best to promote the product to physicians. Specific findings Uncovered:

• Uncovered the varying roles between Nephrologists and Interventional Radiologists.

• Process of stocking and choosing catheters for use

• Key drivers of choice as to which catheters to stock

• Reasons for use between different brands that may be in stock

• Current difficulties associated with placing catheters – key pain points to communicate when marketing a new product

• Interest and feedback on product characteristics of the new proposed device

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