Research for Content Marketing & PR purposes, for Companies Including A10 and Apollo Education


How can a brand stand out in today’s crowded marketplace? Content creation is difficult. 

Provoke Insights has worked with a range of companies in the technology space. Among others, these include a global network security company, an international cryptocurrency platform, online education distributors, and a global B2B software company.

Some of the clients have come to Provoke Insights looking for a partner research company to conduct effective and breakthrough thought leadership to establish their brands as industry leaders.


Provoke Insights is a thought leader when it comes to research for content market purposes. For these technology clients, the unique process includes:

  1. Research topics beforehand. Utilizing secondary research and social listening, Provoke Insights discovers trending topics that have high engagement. Also, determine — and steer clear of — overused topics. 

  2. Develop potential deadlines to craft the questionnaire. Headlines excite and interest readers and should focus on the topics discovered during the secondary research process. When developing headlines, we keep SEO in mind. As always, the headlines are used for directional purposes and do not guarantee the outcome of results.

  3. Once the questionnaire phase is complete, Provoke Insights programs the survey online and conducts the research. 

  4. Once the survey is closed, and the data is collected, Provoke Insights creates more than one story from the research. That means we will develop a series of min-decks for each topic. It is essential to write the research report in a way that makes the readers want to read more.


Provoke Insights has used this methodology for many technology clients, with different purposes depending on the client.

Some of the brands used the research to become thought leaders in the industry and earn press. The research has appeared in USA Today, Forbes, Mashable, Inc, and many other publications. 

Other brands have used the research to create whitepapers to prove their expertise, which they can ultimately use for email marketing or gather contact information from website visitors. 

The metrics and ROI are proven. 

  • These articles are shared six times more than most articles on their sites. 

  • When posted on Facebook, the research has approximately 30 times more engagement than previous posts. 

  • Hundreds provided one of the companies their contact information to read the full report online. 

  • Ultimately, these tech companies see a rise in sales.

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