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Virgin Hyperloop One Gains Insight into Potential Markets with Behavioral Recruitment

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Liveminds recently worked on an exciting research project with Virgin Hyperloop One, the company building an operational commercial Hyperloop system that will move passengers and cargo at airline speeds at a fraction of the cost of air travel. The client wanted to gain insights into potential markets over proposed routes around the world. The project involved using Behavioral Recruitment to find fresh research participants living in the US, based on their genuine behavior and interests, and carrying out qualitative research on the Liveminds research platform.



Virgin Hyperloop One needed to include English-speaking, US residents interested in the future of transportation. In addition, quotas for the following criteria:

  • Regularly reading and sharing technology news

  • A range of education

  • A range of political views

  • A range of city, suburban or rural dwellers

  • A mixture of men and women from a representative range of age and racial groups

  • Enthusiastic about carrying out the tasks required

Behavioral Recruitment powered by Facebook’s detailed behavioral, attitudinal and demographic data allowed Liveminds to target the most appropriate potential participants with adverts. Over 50 adverts were created to optimise the campaign by A/B testing imagery, creative and targeting options. For example, one set was targeted at people who demonstrated ‘commuter’ travel behavior based on Facebook’s records of their repetitive daily location changes.

Potential participants who matched the required criteria were then moved into the qualification stage, where amongst other comprehension and technical tests, they were invited to take a detailed survey inside Liveminds Facebook app to make sure that the final participants were truly representative, fully engaged in the process and able to express themselves well.


Around 20 participants in the US answered questions on the Liveminds research platform over four days. A mixture of web and mobile app questions were used to discover the participants’ deeply held values, views on infrastructure challenges and their opinions on transport and the Hyperloop. Participants were encouraged to upload videos of themselves outlining their thoughts on the Hyperloop which really brought their posts to life and provided rich outputs for the end report.


This project involved a challenging recruit but, using Behavioral Recruitment powered by Facebook, Liveminds was efficiently able to find fresh, fully engaged and enthusiastic participants who truly matched the required criteria. Hyperloop was extremely happy with the Behavioral Recruitment and online research and gained valuable insight.

"As a company, we’re in uncharted territory. Liveminds allowed us to listen to real people in a private, personal and one-on-one way. This encouraged candour and avoided groupthink, or embarrassment about not knowing much about the issue. It was powerful for us to hear stories from across the country pointing to travel inefficiencies and lack of choice - and how a Hyperloop system could impact where people lived, worked, and used their valuable free time. Working with Liveminds was a completely seamless and enjoyable process, we look forward to additional projects in the future!"

Leslie Horwitz, Strategic Communications Manager, Virgin Hyperloop One

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