Mayland Research is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable field services of qualitative and quantitative research in China.


Quality and relevant data is the core to the success of market research project. Since foundation, Mayland Research has been dedicated to offering accurate and reliable data collection which fulfill the needs of our clients in qualitative and quantitative research. With over 1,000 projects completed every year, our hands-on field team take every project seriously with their experience and expertise. Through large volume of consumer panel and healthcare professionals database, Mayland Research have capability in providing fieldwork for research studies in all methodologies and among whole China. We understand the local marketplace environment and what people thinking. Whatever small or large scale projects, ad hoc or long term trackers, free found or in master list, our team are flexible to best serve all clients needs. It is our mission to work side by side with our clients to understand their demands and deliver the quality results on time and on budget.

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