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PTG (formerly PreTesting Group)

Company Description

A leading destination for marketers, PTG specializes in consumer engagement and nonconscious measurement techniques. By revealing what consumers can’t articulate, PTG translates its deeper understanding of human behavior into tactics that amplify creative performance, refine product marketing strategies and influence consumer activities. Uniquely qualified to measure visual information the brain wants, PTG’s patented Saccadic Eye Movement Recording technology inconspicuously captures consumers’ second-by-second engagement to advertising and marketing stimuli in highly contextual, real-world environments. The company’s comprehensive perspective and trusted interpretation of brand communications provide clients with the narrative insights needed to make smarter and better informed business decisions. Privately owned and headquartered in Tenafly, New Jersey, PTG is proud to be a partner of the world’s most enviable brands. For more information, please visit us at or contact us at 201.569.4800.

  • AMA (United States)
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Company type:
  • Full Service
(201) 569-4800
(201) 569-4842
Tenafly, New Jersey, 07670
United States of America
Metropolitan Area:
New York (NY--NJ--CT)
New Jersey
Countries where research is conducted:
United States of America
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Products (2)

ProductImage truVu Glasses

Our truVu solution features discrete eyeglasses or a wearable camera that are equipped with patented auto product identification technology and built-in HD (high-definition) and HFR (high frame rate) recording capabilities. Both technologies are designed to capture a consumer’s in-store shopping experience or a custom experience such as navigating the latest features of an auto dashboard. Because our exclusive truVu glasses can be easily deployed globally, the PTG team has successfully captured consumer behavior across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America. To interpret the vast amounts of consumer data that is collected, PTG uses its proprietary truClip technology. truClip automatically identifies products, edits, sorts and recompiles respondent video into presentation snippets of interest.

ProductImage truTube

PTG’s unique approach to copy testing not only measures consumer engagement and involvement with advertising, but it also reveals creative elements that aren’t succeeding so refinements can be made. Using highly contextual real-world experiences, state of the art technologies and validated research methodologies, PTG evaluates advertising performance across all media channels.


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