Are you ready for Customer Journey Mapping?


Are you ready for Customer Journey Mapping?



With the variety of products and services available to customers, many companies are interested in identifying how their customers find and select them and their products & services. Many try journey mapping and market research, many times with limited success due to the complexity of turning awareness into a purchase. However, some companies are highly successful at this – turning this insight into accelerated purchase journeys, eliminating the “friction” in the shopping process, improving their marketing program impact and driving accelerated growth and profitability.



Is your company interested in knowing the following?

  • What segments and customer personas exist in the market – and which should be focused on?
  • What are the triggers that initiate the customer’s journey to identify and select just the right product for them?
  • What are the various factors that influence them along the journey? Which are most impactful for each segment / persona along the way?
  • Are online reviews and personal recommendations more important than your advertising and merchandising programs?
  • Where are the “pot holes and detours” along the journey that cause customers interested in your product to get lost and end up with a competitors product or not purchasing anything?
  • What would be the impact of streamlining and paving the “Path to Purchase”? And what is the ROI of the investments necessary to implement the plan?


If these critical issues are top of mind for you, you are ready for customer journey mapping. Please contact us at 1-800-549-7170 or send an email to for a free 30-minute consultation on this topic.

Gold Research, Inc. is a Texas based national market research and business consulting firm servicing clients ranging from emerging businesses to the Fortune 100 in retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG), manufacturing, and food services. We specialize in real-time intercepts, path-to-purchase research (journey mapping), and research support (survey programming, tabs, charting for reports). Visit to learn more.

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