Fin-tech: Validation & Understanding the Target Audience


A fin-tech company in its validation phase was looking to conduct market research in order to understand market potential, understand its target audience, and determine the ideal marketing channels and messages. The fin-tech company works with brokers, companies, and funds to create a clearer dialogue between people and the companies that they own shares in. 

More specifically, the company was looking for the following:

  • Current research and communications process used by investors;

  • Experience vs. expectations in the investment process;

  • The method investors interact with the companies they invest in;

  • What percent of the online trading marketing would utilize the company;

  • Determine the optimal marketing plan.


Provoke Insights conducted an online survey among active stock traders across the US. The research analyzed market potential, investing behavior, media consumption and interest in the product. The research company also analyzed the results by those who had a higher propensity to use the fin-tech’s offering.


The company used the research to understand potential business opportunities, the demographics of a target consumer, market potential for their product, and information on how investors research and get their investing news. The fin-tech company was able to use the report to successfully launch the app, understand ideal media placement to reach their target audience, as well as reassure investors of the product’s viability.

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