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Healthcare Communications Agency Gains Real-time Business Intelligence at ACG Congress



A glut of new treatment options for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis were approved in 2016. This included new indications for established biologic agents, as well as the unknown impact that biosimilars would have on the US market.


To understand how physicians that attended the 2016 ACG congress reacted to the data presented, and how they expected the treatment landscape would change based on what they had seen and heard.

To assess perceptions of community gastroenterologists who are attending ACG regarding:

  • The role of Stelara in the treatment of Crohn’s disease, following its recent approval
  • Where Entyvio should be sequenced relative to other biologic treatments for Crohn’s disease
  • The clinical profile of Xeljanz and its potential future role in the management of ulcerative colitis
  • Hot topics and key developments that are generating interest at ACG
  • Awareness and impact of industry-sponsored activities at ACG


inVibe assembled a panel of physicians to share their perception of the shifting landscape, and offer their predictions for how the information presented may impact the current treatment paradigm.

The panel was presented with questions on several key topics primarily in Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, an area that has seen significant progress in the last year. Their insights were captured via inVibe’s innovative, voice-enabled mobile technology platform over the course of multiple touchpoints while attending the event.

Panel members were sent SMS prompts both during and after the meeting, which directed them to audio recorded questions and allowed them to leave their reactions and insights as voice messages.


19 participants responded to 11 open-ended qualitative questions over the course of 2 unique touchpoints.

The data:

38 unique responses

3+ hours of recorded audio

20,000+ total words transcribed

The client received access to a password-protected dashboard. From this interface, they could, listen, download or share the transcripts and audio files. A playlist view provides acoustic and natural language analysis generated by a machine learning algorithm as an added layer of sentiment analysis.

Through this research, the client gained a competitive advantage by gathering business intelligence and insights as the event was unfolding.

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