Walmart Canada expands Online Grocery PickUp using customer feedback


Walmart Canada is one of Canada’s largest retail chains, with over 400 stores offering approximately 120,000 products, including fresh groceries.

In September 2015, Walmart Canada launched its Online Grocery PickUp service. The service lets customers log in online and purchase grocery items for pick up at their local participating Walmart store.

As Walmart expanded the Online Grocery PickUp service across the nation, Walmart Canada’s online customer experience team developed a customer feedback survey to better understand the customer experience in three important areas:

  1. Communication of the new process. Did customers immediately understand how the new Online Grocery PickUp process worked?
  2. Customer satisfaction team response. How efficiently did customer representatives deal with the inevitable questions and comments?
  3. Product variety. As it expanded, the program would need to start offering access to even more groceries – which products did customers most want to see added?


Using Voxco Online, Walmart Canada’s online customer experience team implemented online surveys to better understand their customers’ experience using the new grocery pickup service.


The survey results helped the online customer experience team identify key insights that would help improve the Grocery PickUp service. Key improvements include:

  1. Improved process communication. The user experience has been simplified at every step to more clearly communicate the process.
  2. Better customer satisfaction team training. CSRs are now better trained to help customers understand the most common issues.
  3. Increased product variety. The number of products available for pickup has been expanded from 3,000 to 7,000 in just a few months based on customer requests.

The Online Grocery PickUp service was an immediate success, and has since been expanded. Voxco Online surveys are continuing to be used to gather key customer feedback to help Walmart Canada better serve their customers.

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