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FeedBack Marketing Research

Company Description

Est. in 2001,with offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia & Egypt we provide clients with a full suite of Qual & Quant (CAPI, CATI, CAWI) research solutions including field & tab only services.

Our focus is on data integrity. We provide clients the best Value for Money for both Offline & Online research capabilities;
CATI, CAWI, CAPI in addition to F2F
26, 12 & 32 CATI stations at our offices in UAE, KSA & Egypt respectively.

We also provide live listening facilities to our clients

In-house focus group viewing facility and our our offices in Sharjah, Jeddah & Cairo are streaming facilities.

Translation & transcription facilities are Centralized at our office in Cairo for cost effectiveness.

Our dedicated quality control team reports to research team directly to avoid any potential bias or conflict of interest.

Middle East and Africa - With affiliates across many countries, we can help you with fieldwork in the Middle East and Africa.

Company type:
  • Consulting
  • Data Collection
  • Full Service
2nd Floor, Corniche Plaza 1
Buhairah Corniche, Sharjah
Sharjah, 29663
United Arab Emirates
Countries where research is conducted:
Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
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Products (1)

ProductImage Tawasol

TAWASOL is the first Online market Research Community in the Middle East which giving you the opportunity to connect with other likeminded people and voice your opinions on brands, hot issues and much more... Influence famous brands by taking part into market research study Interact with other members by commenting on Forum topics, or launch your own discussion forum Vote in Polls Review product advertisement, and have your saying about new products available in the market Earn points by participating is surveys Participate into our Referral program and earn points Redeem your points for a voucher of your choice By voicing your opinion at TAWASOL you will be able to influence the market and shape the future of product and brands in your region.


Facility Details

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Facility Details

Location: Sharjah Corniche Plaza 1
Building type: Business
Facility features: Client lounge, High-definition TV, Office services, Onsite parking, Recording - Audio, Recording - Video, Video-conferencing
Travel time from airport: 15 min
Travel time from downtown: 10 min
Recruiting capabilities: Recruiting Qualitative and Quantitative respondent from different demographics
Recruiting zipcodes/postcodes: 06

Facility Rooms

Room types
Observation capacity
Focus Group
Viewing Room
7X6 Metres

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