Protobrand is a research and branding consultancy committed to the use of new research approaches for non-conscious measurements.


Headquartered in Boston, MA, Protobrand is an independent research and branding agency driven by consumer insight. By uncovering the rich, unseen motivations behind human behavior, Protobrand develops strategic and creative solutions that result in emotionally resonant brand relationships. At the core of our research practice is Meta4 Insight™. Metaphor elicitation is a well-known technique among market researchers for tapping into consumers' deep-seated feelings and underlying motivations. Ensuring data saturation, Meta4 uniquely conducts this technique in an online setting, using a proprietary image database to reveal people’s unconscious minds. Clients include global and nationally recognized brands such as Lee, Ocean Spray, Taco Bell, Nivea, Bank of America, Reebok, Toyota, and Wrigley.

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