We help B2B/B2C companies do more with less as we conduct strategic qualitative and quantitative research in localized languages on a worldwide basis.


In today’s challenging marketplace, we at Customer Lifecycle help our clients do more with less. We are a global market research consultancy working with B2B/B2C companies to plan and conduct research to accurately identify and measure requirements for customer acquisition, customer satisfaction and loyalty, share of wallet growth, and customer retention. With reach to about 3 million individuals in 160+ countries, we conduct strategic qualitative and quantitative research in multiple localized languages on a worldwide basis. We specialize in a variety of advanced multivariate analytic techniques. We help companies avoid costly mistakes by focusing on thorough front-end planning, meticulous research execution, and action implementation at the back end. We work with clients to get more value and better business results from research through significantly improved coordination, deployment and integration of research findings and customer requirements into the day-to-day management and operations of the organization.

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