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Website Analysis & Testing

Market research firms providing website analysis and testing capabilities. Find a company offering evaluations by trained professionals of specific elements on a website, such as design, content, usability and image.

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Adding Usability Research to your Qual Practice Adding Usability Research to your Qual Practice

Kay Corry Aubrey, Usability Resources Inc.

Usability testing can be a very effective tool for finding and fixing problems with an interactive design. This article provides an introduction to usability testing for qualitative studies.

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The Digital IQ of Prestige Brands in China The Digital IQ of Prestige Brands in China


The investment prestige brands make in their own digital competence could be a deciding factor in their ability to survive and thrive in China, and is likely to become increasingly important as the market matures.

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AMP’s POV on Facebook Like

Josh Pike, SVP, Search Services, AMP Agency

The Facebook 'Like' button allows websites to increase their organic search visibility. This article discusses implementation and the role content sharing tools play in SEO.

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Net Rage: A Study of Blogs and Usability

John Franklin, Catalyst Group

Catalyst’s proprietary test of the usability of blogs sheds light on a variety of user-experience related design challenges associated with blogs’ potential to become a mainstream medium for Internet users. Read this white paper to learn more insights gained from this usability study.

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Beyond Red and Blue: Insights into the Design of Presidential Candidate Websites

Catalyst Group

So much has been made of the role of the Internet in the 2008 presidential election. In particular, the Obama campaign made some impressive claims about the success of in fund-raising and organization of supporters. Even on the most superficial level, the two candidate sites have a lot in common in terms of structure and content. But, to our eyes, there are many differences in terms of the design approaches taken by the two organizations. We wondered how ordinary voters might see these differences, so we conducted a comparative usability study of the two sites.

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Site Design Should Reward Frequent Users Site Design Should Reward Frequent Users

Catalyst Group

This report takes a look at interface design challenges and opportunities of catering websites for new and repeat users. Read this article for practical, experience-driven advice and tactics for building websites that survive and succeed.

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