SunDance Increases Sales 21% in 12-months with Mindspot Customer Experience Program


SunDance is known as one of Florida’s best printers and for doing whatever it takes to make sure every single job goes as smoothly as possible, from design and production to finishing and shipping. However, their commitment goes far beyond, including developing strategies, design tools and automation systems to further cut costs and ensure brand consistency for their Customers.

Mindspot CustomerForward™ Customer Experience In-Depth Customer Interviews and Customer Experience surveys are utilized by progressive companies like SunDance to create the opportunity to gain additional insights into their Customer’s Experience and their Journey with SunDance. This allows companies like SunDance to have a truly Customer-Driven Strategy and go beyond Customer Experience to building a better relationship and create Customer Intimacy.  SunDance committed to putting their Customer in the driver’s seat and commissioned Mindspot Research to learn more about key areas to guide strategic decisions, business process choices and prioritize improvements.

SunDance is located in Orlando, Florida and has a large Customers including Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, Hyatt Vacation Ownership and Hilton Grand Vacations. 


Mindspot Research conducted In-depth Executive Interviews with a sample of SunDance Customers to gain an understanding of the Customer Experience from the Customer’s perspective. The summation of the wide-ranging, in-depth discussions with SunDance customers was completed in the second half of 2016 providing SunDance with honest, actionable Voice of the Customer feedback.

Customers were asked questions that included traditional Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Net Promoter questions and questions that are now relevant in today’s face-paced market, including Customer Effort and Importance and Performance relative to their competition. 


Awareness and Credibility.  Customers are aware of most of the services offered by SunDance and view SunDance as a credible full-service partner. SunDance has credibility in the space to offer ad-hoc services to them. Recommendation: Continue to communicate all service offers emphasizing design and marketing in Accounts that don’t have the service in-house. Consider creating a brand that is more comprehensive and update the logo, image and website. Result: New logo, branding and website developed and in-market. The new brand image helps convey the bigger brand and depth of services that SunDance provides, while still being approachable and conveying quality high color services and printing.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): The complete in-house finishing services, set SunDance apart from other large printers in the area. Recommendation: Continue to communicate this to Customers and invest in current machines allowing SunDance to be the comprehensive printing supplier I this market. Result: Continued investment by SunDance in state-of-the-art machinery and a commitment to Customer communication and education regarding the breadth of services.

There were several more recommendations and actions implemented that produced results and we are happy to share a complete case study upon contact as there is a space limit here. In summary, from an in-market perspective, SunDance has increased their business by 21% in 2016 over 2015 as well as specifically increased the business in the Accounts who were interviewed by 11% for the same year. It’s clear that SunDance values their Customers at a very high level and continues to strive to deliver even more value to them. SunDance participates in Mindspot Research best practices by communicating results back to Customers informing them of their actions and future plans to provide even better communication and more valuable services based on their Customer’s suggestions.

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