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From the start of InSites Consulting in 1997 until today, there has been only one constant: we are continuously pushing the boundaries of marketing research. With a team of 170 academic visionaries, passionate marketers and research innovators we empower people to create the future of brands. Innovation is our lifeblood and kept us ahead of the innovation curve. We are proud to work for more than a third of the world’s Best Global Brands and have been cheered by the industry with more than 25 international awards. As one of the top 3 most innovative marketing research agencies in the world (GRIT), we help our clients connect with consumers all over the world.

  • MRS (United Kingdom)
  • EphMRA (International)
  • ESOMAR (International)
  • BAQMAR (Belgium)
  • BHBIA, Febelmar, MOA
Company type:
  • Full Service
(646) 386-9851
Suite 3001, 1410 Broadway
New York, New York, 10018
United States of America
Metropolitan Area:
New York (NY--NJ--CT)
New York
Countries where research is conducted:
United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands
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Products (2)

ProductImage Insight Activation Studio

The Insight Activation Studio is a mobile collaboration platform to unite and activate entire organizations around insights. It helps companies to share insights faster and broader, increase the return on insights and influence employees’ day-to-day behavior. A recent Market Research Impact study (co-organized by Greenbook, Gen2Advisors and InSites Consulting) showed that only 1 in 2 research projects leads to change. Insight and research departments are underachieving in making the change happen in executives’ minds and actions. With the Insight Activation Studio we offer insight managers a scalable solution to get more return on insights and increase the impact on their business. At its official launch at the ESOMAR Congress 2015, our Insight Activation Studio already received the first industry recognition in the form of an ESOMAR Award (Best Paper Overall – The Fernanda Monti Award) for our Dannon case study.

ProductImage Consumer Consulting Board

A Consumer Consulting Board is a closed, moderated & engaged group of interested & interesting consumers. It is used to support a well-defined challenge during a limited period of time or to develop a structural, ongoing collaboration capability to support a broader range of challenges. Participants are carefully selected in function of desired group diversity & the strategic challenges to be met. By clearly aligning the needs of all stakeholders, we create a balanced & customized mix of different collaboration formats: (1) intense collaboration on a specific strategic theme (deep dives), (2) fast feedback on more tactical questions (48-hour challenges) & (3) open listening (bottom-up feedback). As a Board allows for iterative learning over time, it delivers 50 times more interactions than focus groups & generates more contextual insights. We apply a mix of engaging activation techniques, using a combination of individual vs group, feedback vs creative tasks or natural vs activated tasks. Our gamified techniques result in 7 times more relevant on-topic arguments. While discussions are mainly online, we also facilitate offline connections with participants when relevant.


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InSites Consulting Bolsters African Footprint

InSites Consulting is among the top 100 largest and top 10 most innovative market research agencies in the world, while Columinate is recognized as South Africa’s first, leading, and largest modern in...

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