Peoples Marketing Insights conducts qualitative research for consumer and B2B products and services. Bruce also facilitates work teams.


Companies hire Peoples Marketing Insights to find out what their consumers or customers think and feel about their brands, products, or services; or to help them generate new ideas that support their strategies and grow their business. We conduct all methods of qualitative research, from focus groups to interviews to online and mobile. What sets Bruce apart is his experience as a CPG brand manager. He knows firsthand the challenges brands face, and this knowledge ensures we generate practical and actionable insights that improve your strategies and tactics. Bruce helps consumer brands, B2B products, and services, and even non-profits solve their marketing challenges, by applying a 7-step process that includes a research brief, recruiting screener, discussion guide, and summary report with recommendations. Bruce partners seamlessly with quantitative firms, and can bring in other moderators when needed for large scale projects. Bruce was trained at RIVA; has a BA from Vanderbilt and an MBA from Indiana University; is an active member of the QRCA; and was published in QUIRK’s. Whether evaluating new products or gathering the voice of your customers, Bruce can help you move your business forward.

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