Global Brand Tracker for a Financial Firm


An award-winning global investing platform wanted to better understand its global perception compared to its competition. The brand sought to understand the impacts of its advertising and PR  initiatives in 11 countries: Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Taiwan, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

The company was looking to conduct research that could help illuminate its position in the global market compared to its competition. More specifically, the financial services provider was looking for research in order to understand the following:

  • Test the conversion funnel;

    • Likelihood to recommend;

    • Primary platform;

    • Current use;

    • Ever used;

    • Platforms visited;

    • Awareness;

  • Competitive intelligence;

  • Consumer insights;

  • Impact of advertising, marketing, promotions, and product development;

  • Understanding of new markets.

The company onboarded Provoke Insights to conduct the research.


It is vital for a business to understand its brand and competitors’ performance, as well as know if their objectives are being met. Provoke Insights developed a global brand tracker that looked beyond awareness and consideration to explore a changing marketplace, bringing depth and context to consumer behavior and attitudes. 

The survey was first developed in English with client feedback. Once approved, the research was then translated into the local language, where the study will take place. Once translated, it is reviewed by a separate third-party reviewer. programmed, and launched.


The research tracked the global markets quarterly. Using the research, the client was able to learn:

  • Current market penetration vs. the competition;

  • What markets had the most market potential;

  • Which advertising and PR initiatives are most effective;

  • Where advertising and PR efforts needed to be improved.

It also determines if any markets have significant changes during a three month period.

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