We use strategy and innovation research techniques to help C-suites and founders embrace change and catalyze growth.


We use an exploration toolkit of marketing and innovation research techniques to spark clear thinking and inspire change in pursuit of commercial impact. You’ll never gain insight and clarity from behind a desk. So, we venture out into the field and explore people, places and things through ethnography, behavioral observation and empathic design. Our deep thinking and heavy lifting are typically endeavored over a period of three to four months in duration. The outcome of our work grants executive teams and functional leaders the ability to see their operations, innovation, talent and even marketing challenges in a new light. Moreover, our work imbues stakeholders from various functional areas - people with different skills, personalities and perspectives - with a methodical way to evaluate the tradeoffs of big strategic decisions on the same terms. (And, of course, to pull the trigger on those critical decisions with confidence.)

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