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Focus Pointe Global

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Focus Pointe Global is your marketing research partner for both qualitative and quantitative research offering an array of research data collection solutions. Companies from across the nation depend on FPG's experience to collaborate and craft research that delivers actionable and authentic results.

FPG's One Call project management system streamlines your project to reduce costs and completion time. Every client is immediately assigned a dedicated expert who is your point of contact - to work closely and collaboratively with you through every facet of your project. No matter your concern or problem, your "FPG Pointe Person" is just one call away.

Our passion for recruiting the right participants for our research is fueled by 1.6 million deeply-profiled opt-in panelists. Our tools provide agility and precision to select "gen pop" or a targeted subset based on your research needs.

Additional tools allow for quick online polling surveys, mobile surveys for product evaluations or immediate feedback on ideas concepts or designs with a simple swipe on a mobile app.

Remember, it just takes one call!

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  • AMA (United States)
  • PMRG (United States)
  • QRCA (United States)
Company type:
  • Data Collection
  • Focus Group Facility
  • Quantitative Research
The Wanamaker Building
100 Penn Square East, Suite 1200
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19107
United States of America
Metropolitan Area:
Philadelphia (PA--NJ--DE--MD)
Countries where research is conducted:
United States of America
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Products (8)

ProductImage FPG Think Tank™

Fueled by our 1.5 million opt-in participant panel, FPG Think Tank™ is a collection of online platforms that facilitates bringing people together to share ideas and opinions, generating meaningful, actionable insights for clients. FPG Think Tank™ is a brand extension of Focus Pointe Global and serves as an "idea incubator," utilizing our 1.5MM+ opt-in member panel.

ProductImage FPG Communities™

FPG Communities™ is a versatile, customizable, user-friendly platform developed from our 1.5 million panelists. You have hundreds of communities to choose from or we can customize a community for your research needs. Whether your project involves a "live" Town Hall session or an ongoing Community of consumers, patients or users of a particular product, you will have quick access to your target audience.

ProductImage FPG Polling™

FPG Polling™ allows for quick insights from a national audience of your target customer. Our 1.5 million opt-in member panel offers unprecedented polling capabilities for clients seeking efficient and exhaustive data across any topic. FPG Polling™ is both nimble and economical.

ProductImage The Gauge App

Gauge is Focus Pointe Global's very own lifestyle mobile app. Participants just swipe left or right to provide a a prompt "either/or" response to a given stimulus. It’s the perfect way to receive an instant reaction to a product, concept, or social issue. While the Gauge App is a perfect way to gain insights from gadget-obsessed Millennials, we have found the app to be popular across all age groups.

ProductImage STARS Online Product Review Program™

STARS Online Product Review Program™ works with both national retailers and small businesses to provide completely honest and objective online customer evaluations. 90% of consumers claim positive evaluations influence their decision to purchase products. STARS organically creates a collection of customer evaluations by placing your products in the hands of customers, who test and submit thorough and objective evaluations on retail sites. Our 1.5 million member participant panel allows us to target evaluators that represent your target audience.

ProductImage FPG Healthcare Solutions

Featuring over 1 million patients, caregivers, physicians, and professionals, FPG’s healthcare panel offers limitless in-person research opportunities across every facet of the healthcare industry. The FPG Patient Panel consists of 92 chronic medical conditions and the professional panel includes physicians and specialists from 99 disciplines.

ProductImage FPG Clinical Solutions

FPG has developed a proven technique over a thirty-year history for understanding both the patient and professional sides of medical development and marketing. Our versatile online healthcare panel provides incredible market insights customized to your research needs.

ProductImage FPG Video Capture

FPG Video Capture, powered by LivingLens, allows clients to easily capture video content, as well as images and audio, from respondents using their mobile devices. The LivingLens platform extracts meaningful data from multimedia content, empowering users to interpret content efficiently. The solution provides rich insights, revealing what people think, do, and feel and will allow users to reach respondents at any time, regardless of location.

Effortlessly capture new content of any type of upload existing content to the video platform.

Search the spoken words, actions, objects, and sentiment in any language, via the powerful visualization platform.

Create insight stories super-fast using our easy showreel creator to combine your favorite clips into one video.

Publish and present video stories to your colleagues or clients for more informed business decisions.


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