We're the only research agency with the unique blend of expertise needed to deliver insight that yields transformational change through design.


The Big Picture is the only market research agency specialising in design research at a global level. We believe in the power of design to drive consumer engagement, and we're uniquely qualified to help brands achieve this – unique because all of our researchers have a background in design. Design research is different - it requires a combination of design expertise and research experience that generalist agencies simply can't provide. Nowhere else will you find a greater level of global design research knowledge than at The Big Picture. Quite simply, we deliver design that makes a real impact. We operate across a range of disciplines: packaging (graphic and structural / ergonomic), innovation, cultural semiotics and consumer tribes, brand visual identity, UX and retail. To find out how we've helped some of the world's biggest brands develop outstanding design, give us a call or check out our website.

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