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Focus Group Moderators - Teenagers

Qualitative research consultants - focus group moderators specialized in conducting, managing, and analyzing focus group sessions with teenagers. Review moderators for sessions with children ranging from 13 to 19 years of age.

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Smarty Pants
Smarty Pants

Smarty Pants is a full-service research and consulting firm that delivers transformational insights and solutions to the world’s best marketers.

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We help you listen to and observe customers and use the insights to build products, services, messages & experiences that are relevant and compelling.

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Touchstone Research, Inc.

VR has been around for many years but, disappointingly, has failed to live up to its own expectations. With new groundbreaking, non-nausea-inducing devices and amazing immersive software starting to be developed, VR’s moment for consumer products may finally have arrived. Major VR companies are preparing to launch VR headsets that make VR real for the consumer in 2015/2016—will they succeed with the kids and teens? TSR conducted an online survey with n=500 Kids and Teens age 10-17 across the U.S. via our Youth and Family research panel to see what they had to say about VR. Kids were first asked about VR technology and then exposed to the current state of Virtual Reality through images, videos, and text and then asked their opinions. Check out the results in our infographic below…

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